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"One leaves Carmela's class with a renewed spirit and a sense of calm that eases you through the rest of your workday afternoon." 

— Linda Sullivan, Time Warner Book Group


"I did prenatal yoga with my second and third child and there was a HUGE difference in my health and well-being with Carmela's classes. I had NO backaches the entire pregnancies, and no sleeping problems. During my third pregnancy, the only time I felt good was during my prenatal class. I have tried almost every prenatal class in Newton, Brookline and Boston and I can tell you Carmela's is unequivacally THE BEST!!! It is both challenging and relaxing, a great combination."
— Kim Smith, experienced Mom


"Carmela's prenatal private yoga sessions were the perfect way for me take time out of my busy schedule each week to focus on my pregnancy and take care of myself and my growing baby. She has an intuitive sense of what type of practice is right for the individual and was able to customize my yoga practice for me"
— Susan Bonanno, Mercury Marketing Agency, Partner