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How to Teach an Effective Prenatal Yoga Class


This workshop is for teachers of any style who want to teach a safe and effective on-going prenatal yoga class. In this workshop you will acquire the following skills:

  • How to teach a multi-level prenatal class
  • How to teach around back issues during pregnancy
  • How to integrate the baby into the practice
  • How to address relaxation and imagery and Much More

Join us for this fun and informative workshop.

"Carmela's class was exactly what I was hoping for. I was looking for a training that was short yet very extensive, detailed and personalized and that is exactly what Carmela delievered. What I really loved about the training was that it was very interactive instead of long, drawn out, speachy sort of classes which is what you sometimes find during yoga trainings. I loved that the class was full of great information as well as very detailed handouts that we were able to take with us to reference back to in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed this training and the next time Carmela comes to town, I will be sure to refer other yoga instructors to this class as I feel that they could benefit from Carmela's unique approach to teaching." Monica Wallace, Doula, yoga instructor. 

"My experience with u was amazing! omg i talk about u all the time lol! you spoke with such love and knowledge. you created this safe lesson where ideas can be shared without judgement. the hands-on tricks i use all the time and makes me look like a genius! it was the best workshop i have taken"...Sara Levine, yoga instructor