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Corporate Programs


Stress is of great concern to us all. Releasing stress is important to out well-being and impacts our ability to function effectively in the workplace. Yoga is a time proven method to dissolve stress by calming the mind and body. A combination of movement and relaxation integrates the body and mind and supports them to work together.

Carmela is a Boston-based yoga and stress management instructor who offers unique yoga classes for the busy professional who needs to recharge at mid-day or after work. Carmela's classes are a healthy alternative to a candy bar or cup of coffee. They're 45 minutes in length and provide the employee with exercise as well as stress relief. Employees feel better after class and are able to approach any situation at work with a positive mind.

With twenty-five years of yoga experience and a professional nursing career that spans thirty years, you can rest assured that your employees are in capable hands. Companies such as Fidelity, Fleet Bank, Keane Inc., and Babson Capital have used Carmela's services knowing how much yoga is needed and appreciated by employees.

Consider a healthy alternative to the rising cost of health insurance: offer your employees yoga.